Including customized stewardship experiences. A dedicated member of the Orchestra’s staff will arrange a sponsorship package with you each year, giving you the opportunity to engage with the musicians and guest artists you love.


  • Complimentary Patrons Circle ICOA gift set

  • 1 complimentary table at ICOA Gala dinner

  • An opportunity to establish a Personal Scholarship Fund for Artists of Tomorrow

  • Will support 5 students for one-semester scholarship


  • A Prime table at ICOA Gala dinner

  • Recognition as sponsor of a single Penthouse concert

  • Will support 8 students for one-semester scholarship


  • 1 seat at the Head table

  • Opportunity to host a House Salon event and personalize the program.

  • Recognition as sponsor of a Penthouse concert and an Orchestra concert

  • Invitation for two to the annual New Year Dinner hosted by Music Director

  • Will support 12 students for one-semester scholarship