Love and Sorrow Gala: Concert & Dinner

Our Cultural Purpose:

Thanks to the technological innovations of our age, we now have easy access to large repositories of music, literature, visual art, news and many other forms of information – the totality of human wisdom and expression, literally at our fingertips. Personalized communication has also never been closer, we now have a myriad of social media outlets to create, curate and share our lives with our loved ones and the world. However, the ease and speed of instant communication and content creation is reshaping our interactions, our personal identity and our perception of others, thus also our ways in viewing the potential and importance of art itself.

As Classical Music is increasingly perceived and relegated to “study” or “recreational” purposes, the ICOA is dedicated in its innovation and renewal, and to dispel such misconceptions. We actively seek out new audiences, new artists, and new modes of expression. By embracing the future, we are also honoring the musical legacy of our forefathers. It is this belief that forms the cornerstone in our Love and Sorrow concert, which conjoins the past with the future – amalgamating live classical performance with cutting-edge technologies.

In today’s landscape of interactivity, the ICOA and the wider Classical Music world is called to provide audiences with a more immersive and visceral concert experience. We are dedicated in our persistence to be bold and current as the brilliant musicians who came before us in order to inspire and garner new listeners. By interweaving music, art and technology together, we mean to bring ever increasing numbers of peoples in sharing in this and thus revitalize the rich, passionate, contemplative, and humanizing experience that is classical music.